Multi-Purpose Hall Fundraiser:
Crex Birdathon

The birdathon is a fun Citizen Science event, which also serves as an important means of raising funds for a new Multi-purpose Hall at Crex Meadows.  The building design proposes an improved commercial kitchen, office and storage space, dining and classroom space for programs and meetings, as well as public bathrooms.

Birders of all levels of ability are invited to compete individually or as a team of two to find as many bird species as possible in a 12-hour period (4am to 4pm).  The objective of this friendly competition is to record the most species seen or heard on Crex Meadows and Fish Lake Wildlife Areas. 

If you need a partner, please contact us ahead of time and we will try our best to pair you up with another birder.

For the Registration Form, rules and instructions, and the pledge sheets, Click Here (PDF)


 Each team should have instructions, participation rules, bird checklist, and a pledge form (or two) for each team member.

Start scouting as early as possible and report on any rarities or good birding areas you find; it is important for all teams to share this information before the Birdathon---the more birds each team sees, the more pledge money raised (it is up to each team individually whether or not it wants to give/receive birding tips during the Birdathon). Each team decides its own itinerary as long as it stays within the boundaries of Crex Meadows WA & Fish Lake WA.

Pledges: be sure to fill in the top of the pledge sheet; ask if you're unsure of your team's estimated species total. If you receive pledges based both on your team's total and the composite total, it would be better to put them on separate sheets. Remember that pledges based on the composite total result in more money raised. We encourage participants to raise pledges no later than the day of the compilation (May 24). Also remember that a special prize is awarded to the individual (not team) who secures the greatest amount of pledges. The prize will be awarded on June 16, 2014 so get your pledges in fast!

Refreshments: Coffee, warm beverages and snacks will be provided at the current Mess Hall from 8:00 am – 10:00 am May 24 for participants.

Compilation Ceremony: at least one member of each team should plan to attend, but if no one is able to make it, their species list must be emailed to ( or called (715-463-2739) by 4:30 pm on Saturday, May 24. Each team's species list and pledge sheets should be completed and ready for compilation by 4:30 pm. The compilation ceremony will be held at the Crex Meadows Wildlife Education & Visitor Center and will start promptly at 4:30 pm May 24. Everyone is welcome to attend the compilation ceremony whether or not they were on a Birdathon team. We just ask that something is brought to share at the potluck dinner (Fully equipped kitchen will be available for prepping/storing food). Suzannah Crandell, Youth Services Specialist & Crex CEP Camp Director, will offer a presentation about the CEP Camp and focus on the Multi-Purpose Hall Benefits. The Birdathon Prize will be awarded to the 1st place competitor(s).

A few days after the compilation, a composite list of species and a form showing how much each sponsor pledged will be prepared. This summary will be provided to each team. It will be each team member's responsibility to make copies of the list, calculate each sponsor's donation, and mail to the sponsors (it is also OK to collect donations in person from sponsors, which saves on postage). This should be completed no later than two weeks after the Birdathon; sponsors are more likely to follow through with their pledges if they are contacted right away.


The Birdathon should be a fun event whereby participants of all ages and abilities can enjoy watching and listening to the birds. However, the Birdathon is also an important fund raising event to help build a new Multi-Purpose Hall. With this in mind, the following participation rules have been established to ensure a fun and fair event. Thank you for your support and cooperation!

General Rules:

·         These events will take place during the 12-hour period of May 24, 2014 from 4 am – 4 pm.

·         Participants may compete individually or as a team of two.

·         To be an “official” participant in the Birdathon, each person must solicit at least $30 worth of pledges or contribute a $30 participation fee, or a combination thereof.

·         Each individual should solicit the necessary pledges and/or contribute their participation fee no later than the day of the compilation. Pledges made in good faith will suffice to qualify a participant, even if the sponsors fail to fulfill their pledges later.

·         An official team is one for which all members are official participants. Only official team members are qualified to win an awarded prize.

·         An entire team may consist of unofficial participants but ineligible to win a prize, their species will not be added to the composite list in any category.

·         All species must be found within Crex Meadows Wildlife Area and Fish Lake Wildlife Area.

·         In order to count a new bird species, the bird species can be heard or seen.

·         The use of playbacks should be avoided. Enjoy the birds you find with your eyes and ears!

·         If no team participant can attend the compilation ceremony, a team member needs to submit their bird list by email no later than 4:30 pm May 24 to: ( or by phone (715-463-2739) to qualify for a prize.


Remember to have fun and enjoy time spent watching the birds!

This event is brought to you by the Friends of Crex in conjunction with Bird City Wisconsin, an effort by birders in Wisconsin to make our communities healthy for birds... and people.  For more information about Bird City Wisconsin, go to








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