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   Donations are accepted by mail, directly at the visitor center with cash, check or credit card, or using PayPal.  Forms are available below for the various projects that you can donate to.

Please be sure to indicate in the message space on your donation on the PayPal site what the designated purpose of your donation is; Endowment Fund, Land Acqusition Fund, Mess Hall Fund, General Fund, in memory/honor of someone, or for membership dues.   You can also send this information in a separate email to after the donation is made.

You can donate to the Friends of Crex through your regular spending at  Click here to go to Amazon Smile and set up your donation account with them today.

Recycle your used inkjet cartridges, laser toner cartridges and cell phones with us.  Just drop them by the visitor center when you are in the area.  We will turn them in to  Each cartridge/phone brings in up to $4.  Every little bit helps and adds up.

Donations may be made in memory of, in honor of a loved one, or directly from the donor.  All donations are tax deductible and a receipt and thank you are sent generally within 3 to 6 weeks.  We also mention donations over $10 in our newsletters which are sent out in March, September and December each year.


Friends of Crex has taken the lead on fundraising for a new multi-purpose building (affectionately called the Mess Hall) to replace the existing Mess Hall at the headquarters of Crex Meadows Wildlife Area.  The old Mess Hall was built in 1964, and the kitchen has been grandfathered in over the years under 1964 health codes.  It is severely out of date, and if any equipment were to fail, repair or replacement would cause a domino effect that would require the entire kitchen to be brought up to current code or to be closed.

This building has been vital to the summer youth camp conducted by Northwest Wisconsin Concentrated Employment Program (NWCEP).  NWCEP serves at-risk, economically disadvantaged and special-needs youth residing in northwest Wisconsin.  In daily work with the DNR, Habitat for Humanity, and other regional organizations, NWCEP campers have gained career skills as well as appreciation for the natural world and its conservation. In turn, the surrounding communities and the DNR have benefitted from thousands of hours of work projects completed by campers over twenty years of CEP Summer Camp operations at Crex Meadows.   If the kitchen shuts down, the future of this camp will be at risk.

Over its fifty years of service the current structure has also provided gathering space for scout troops, hunting and trapping education programs, school groups, and other community-based organizations.  Construction of a new Multi-Purpose Building would support continuation of these programs, and the larger building will open up opportunities for additional educational programming conducted by the education staff at Crex Meadows.  The proposed Multi-Purpose Building will also be available to user groups planning activities compatible with the Friends of Crex Mission Statement.  Potential users may include 4-H clubs, Rotary clubs, historical societies, birding clubs, outdoor expos, overnight camps, and many other organizations.  The commercial kitchen would allow the WI-DNR to offer classes on processing and cooking wild game and to offer weekend retreats or other programs that include meals cooked on site.  And, of course, the facility would be available for Friends of Crex sponsored events such as the annual Endowment Dinner, the Thousand Dollar Club dinner, and volunteer and member luncheons.


The projected cost of the new building is $750,000, and it will include a modern commercial kitchen that would meet current state health codes and a dining facility to seat seventy-two people. The dining area would double as extra classroom and meeting space.  The Wisconsin DNR has agreed to give $284,000 toward the building, and Friends of Crex and NWCEP have already raised $182,000 from our members and area businesses, leaving just over $280,000 more to raise.  We are sure that with your help, we can achieve this goal, and ensure that this much needed building project becomes reality.

Download a brochure here for the Multi-Purpose Hall fundraiser


Donations to the Endowment Fund are used to insure that the Wildlife Education Center is adequately staffed and fully operational, which includes funding wildlife management activities.  See our Friends of Crex page for more information about the endowment fund.

CLICK HERE to print a copy of our Endowment Fund donation form. 


Donations to the Land Acquisution Fund are used to purchase critical privately-owned lands within the Glacial Lake Grantsburg project boundaries.  The fund is designed to be a revolving source of money to acquire the land and hold it until the State of Wisconsin can buy it back from us. Upon repayment, we return the money to the fund and and it is ready for the next land conservation project. Dollar for dollar, the Land Acqusition Fund can protect numerous pieces of land from development.  See our Friends of Crex page for more information about the Land Acquisition Fund. 

CLICK HERE to go to the Land Acquisition Brochure for more information.

If you are interested in making a donation to the Friends of Crex, there are several options to choose from!

  • You may make a donation online through PayPal.  Donations can be made using your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover Card, or you may donate via direct withdrawal from your checking account.  We never disclose your account number and all transactions are made through a secure server.  You will need to sign up for a PayPal account if you do not already have one.  Please click on the icon below for more information.  While making the donation, you will be provided with an area to write a message - please use this space to let us know in who's name the donation is being made and which fund the money should go to, as well an address to send acknowledgement and a tax receipt.

  • Your EMPLOYER may match your gift.  Click Here for a list of employers that have a matching gift program.  Ask your employer what their procedures are to process a matching gift.

  • You can purchase a brick that paves the front walk at the Crex Meadows Wildlife Education and Visitor Center.  Proceeds from the sale of these bricks were originally used to help build the Visitor Center and new funds are now put towards the Endowment Fund.  Click Here for a Brick Purchase form.

  • Join the Friends of Crex!  Membership dues support the day-to-day operations of the Friends of Crex.  CLICK HERE for a Membership application form.

  • You can also call us at 715-463-2739 and provide your credit card information over the phone.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Card.

  • Stop by at the Crex Meadows Visitor Center in Grantsburg, WI when we are open and make a donation by cash, check or credit card.








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